What others are saying

“Kevin’s knowledge, in the right hands can make you wealthy if you manage your wins like he teaches.”

Roger M.  Santa Barbara, CA


“Constant bickering and fighting with my teen drove me to therapy which eventually led me to a professional Tony Robbins coach. Kevin is not only an awesome coach, he is also a single dad of four extraordinary kids. He lives his talk and can change your life.”  

Mike Turner, Gilroy, CA


“Two thumbs up! Thanks for making trading easy to learn! Keep up the good work!”

Mike J. San Francisco, CA


“Excess weight has always been a problem for me and no diet has ever worked. Kevin helped me make key distinctions and helped me eat for nourishment instead of emotional satisfaction.  I’m going to the gym regularly and no longer indulge in sugar before bed.” 

Lisa S. Fremont, CA


“Kevin  simplified the learning process and helped me with everything even setting up my trading station!”

 Tom P.  Danville, CA


“The class I took in San Mateo was insightful and fun. Their training is one of a kind.”

Jennifer S. Menlo Park, CA


“I blamed growing up around drugs and alcohol for my own reckless living.  Kevin’s group talk hit home and made me recognize I had control over who I decide to be not my past or my family. He’s been a great help through our weekly meetings.”

David W.  San Rafael, CA


$40,000 in losses has created a bit of stress to say the least.  Kevin has turned things around and  I am now trading on the other side – the green side – daily!!  Thanks!”

 Jacob, P. Denver Colorado