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“Kevin’s Live Trading service is the best on the web hands down.  Having spent $25K through a program in the South Bay called Online Trading Academy, and other programs over the last few years, Kevin’s insight and gift for trading will make your bank account grow very fast. It’s the best way to learn, more importantly, he’s a real gentleman who really cares about your success. “

Tim Fynch – San Francisco, CA

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$1110 in 2 Minutes Short-Selling the VXX!



Trading PUT OPTIONS when the S&P500 is crashing intraday




Cheap Stock Profits on Intraday Time Frame




Overnight Swing Trade for our Part-Time Traders who work Full Time




Short-Selling Nasdaq stock $IQ for a quick low risk high reward trade!



Short-Selling Made Easy




Many of our clients work part time. The following trade required a short eight minutes to pay $600. You can do the same trading with Kevin.


Successful Short-Sell for Quick Profits




Day Trading stocks and options for an easy $1000 in 60 minutes.





How you can earn $1700+ in 30 Minutes.



The following video demonstrates one of our low risk high reward Options Swing Trading strategies.

Net gain for this 24-hour trade was around $1200.

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