Past Life Regression



KEY BENEFITS OF Past Life Regression
  • Freedom from Emotional Blocks: Uncover the causes of life long sticking points and gain freedom to live your best life.
  • Identify Causes of Chronic Illness: Discover the causes and cures for chronic health problems and experience perfect health.
  • Improve Relationships: Break out of toxic relationships and learn your Soul’s lesson of self-love.
  • Discover Your Life Purpose: You’re not here by accident.  Discover your life purpose and thrive.
  • Freedom from Addictions: Master your emotions and design the life that you were meant to live.
  • Connect with Loved Ones:  It is not uncommon for loved ones who have crossed over to come through during regression sessions
Past Life Regression Certification through Mira Kelley

Kevin Michaels is a Certified Anthony Robbins Results Coach and Past Life Regressionist Certified and trained under the best-selling author and one of the world’s top practitioners, Mira Kelley, and Dr. Brian L. Weiss. He is also an NLP Master Practitioner since 1995.

Dr. Brian Weiss is A graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School and Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami. He is seen below with Oprah.  Mira Kelley is a former prominent attorney standing below with Dr. Wayne Dyer and Oprah.


Mira, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Oprah
Dr. Brian Weiss and Oprah


Services and Payment

Single Session Past Life Regression (phone) – $250
Single Session Past Life Regression – (in person) $350

Regression sessions are held in person or by phone.

Sessions can be recorded upon clients request at no additional charge.

An invoice will be emailed to you for payment.



An invoice link for payment will be sent via text or email.


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