Stock Market Crash and Algorithmic Trading

Profiting from pull-backs within the market is no different from buying real estate when prices drop.  The markets however offer vehicles that we can trade along side the S&P500 when the economy is shaky and volatility awakens.  I tend to enjoy trading the Volatility (fear) index – $VXX along with the $SPY. Although a very advanced stock trading concept, trading correlations is can be very profitable. To reduce trading risk, trading buying CALL OPTIONS and PUT OPTIONS is in my opinion an effective way to trade in these situations.

The following live trading video demonstrates exactly how I correlate the two.

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How to Trade Penny Stocks the Right Way

Penny stocks are risky and volatile yet if you do it right they can pay nicely.  Watch this live trade and learn how you can profit through daytrading the stock market for full or part-time income.  Self-employment is an option for everyone.

Dare to be great?  Prioritize your personal growth. Real estate investing offers profits but not nearly as fast as day trading stocks.

Trade live with me and embrace your financial greatness!

Kevin Michaels

Professional Stock Trading Coach

Summer Solstice – A Time for Change and Renewal

Money is the exchange of energy and provides life freedom and an opportunity for us to express ourselves in our fullness.

I have chosen to use my Soul’s Gifts in trading the markets. It offers life freedom like nothing else.  Here’s a few reasons why trading can get you from poverty to wealth quicker than real estate investing.

In an effort to help my followers add several thousand to their monthly income working part-time – I want to offer you a beautiful discount on my live trading.

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It takes courage to step out of our bubbles and express our greatness. Let today’s Solstice be the day!

Kevin Michaels

Professional Stock Trading Coach




How to Earn $2400 in 24 Hours Swing Trading Stocks through PUT OPTIONS

Most people have full time jobs, seemingly preventing them from trading full time. Is this true?  Certainly not. I was there many years ago and moved from part time trading to full time and have not looked back. 11 years later I am still thriving!

We must have a burning desire to experience our greatness otherwise we will keep accepting a sub-standard life!

My recent overnight trade on stock symbol $DBX was intended for my part time trading clients who can manage their position from their phone.

This easy low risk options trade can be done by a nine year old!  What’s stopping you?


Why we Self-Sabotage and What You Can Do About it!

Self-sabotage is an escape from experiencing what we consider a potentially painful experience.  Avoiding center stage, freezing up on trades when everything is perfect, acting in ways that cause others to dislike us , and the list goes on.

The reality is, we can avoid being our best because of our childhood traumas or we can recognize that we are all Born to Be Great in our own unique ways.

Notice I did not say being better than others – that is never the priority or goal.

Stock Trading and parenting for me are my primary tools to gain freedom from emotional blocks and struggles.  Both help me to strive for higher levels of emotional maturity and wholeness.

Let love in , starting with the love of self.  The Seed of Greatness is within you, let it grow and blossom into the Extraordinary You that is waiting to be born.

Kevin Michaels

Professional Stock Trading Coach



Can You Really Earn over $8K in One Day Doing This?



Many people ask me about my daily routine before trading. Well, I start with coffee then transition to Oatmeal and a Whole Grain English Muffins then I go to work.

Tesla, Sage and RedHat were on the chopping block today as I decided that short-selling them was going to pay my mortgage this month. Watch this live trading video to see how well they complied!

Oh and by the way, Remember – Your Financial Future is dictated by today’s thoughts NOT yesterdays!

The present moment is everything!


Dare to Jump?

Everybody wants more out of life but few are willing to take the big steps into a more fulfilling life. Hope, should and wishing serve to keep us where we are.

Most people prefer to be handed a monthly paycheck offering a false sense of security and predictability.  Been there and done that and will never go back.

Trading the markets requires no more learning effort than riding a bike, learning how to cook or going to community college to learn a new subject.

With unlimited earning potential, daily mental challenge and the convenience of being your own boss and making money on your terms, its one of America’s best kept secrets for achieving financial freedom!

Contact Professional Stock Trading Coach Kevin Michaels for a free 15 minute consultation on how you can transition from where you are to living the life of your wildest dreams! Dare to be different, you deserve it!