Why we Self-Sabotage and What You Can Do About it!

Self-sabotage is an escape from experiencing what we consider a potentially painful experience.  Avoiding center stage, freezing up on trades when everything is perfect, acting in ways that cause others to dislike us , and the list goes on.

The reality is, we can avoid being our best because of our childhood traumas or we can recognize that we are all Born to Be Great in our own unique ways.

Notice I did not say being better than others – that is never the priority or goal.

Stock Trading and parenting for me are my primary tools to gain freedom from emotional blocks and struggles.  Both help me to strive for higher levels of emotional maturity and wholeness.

Let love in , starting with the love of self.  The Seed of Greatness is within you, let it grow and blossom into the Extraordinary You that is waiting to be born.

Kevin Michaels

Professional Stock Trading Coach




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