Who Is To Blame?

For most of my life I used the story of a traumatic, abusive and violent childhood as the root cause of my self-sabotaging patterns, struggles in all areas of my life and tendency toward self-destruction.  After eating the humble pie and hiring an amazing, intelligent and compassionate therapist I came to realize that I was the driver of my destiny.  There is no question that an innocent four-year old can not be held responsible for the suffering he endures at the hands of his caretakers, there comes a time though when we must realize that we do have the power to change our life experience and that we are not defined by our story. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, meditation, journaling and most valuable, mindfulness practice has given me the tools needed to transform my life.  Therapy served a valuable purpose; it taught me that I am not broken or inferior to anyone. Neither are you. 

Mindfulness allows me to remain aware of my bodily impulses, thoughts and actions and consciously choose the ones that are most appropriate for the moment.  Trauma minds tends to be governed by knee jerk reactivity. This impulsive behavior is unconscious and automated.

In order to change our life experience, we must slow down the process by creating space between our feelings and actions. Mindfulness is the best tool for this coupled with meditation.  This space allows us to become an observer empowering us to consciously choose our thoughts, perceptions and actions.

This powerful experience gives me a sense of having total control over my life.  Journaling has also allowed me to dump raw thoughts onto paper and through this process experience new insights and revelations that has served to further my self-understanding ultimately moving from blame to self-responsibility.

I have more confidence in my self because I am living consciously in everything that I do and with this comes a life of greater fulfillment and ultimately giving me the sustainable peace and joy that I have yearned for all of my life.

I hope you find this article helpful.

Kevin Michaels, Certified Anthony Robbins Life Coach

www. kevinchrismichaels.com


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