Gain Freedom from Anger Today!

Anger is an emotion that hurts you first and the other person second.  Anger raises blood pressure, generates cortisol, promotes bodily inflammation, causes cancer, migraines and many other problems.

It is a learned behavior that can equally be unlearned if you so choose.  Anger is often used to control by force.  We self-justify the behavior and it often comes with the use of drugs, alcohol or both.

Anger is a low frequency behavior seen within animals and young children.  It’s intended as a pass through phase of emotional growth, one that we are supposed to move through during our youth thus it is safe to say that if you are a teen or adult still bound by anger, you have work to do.  Fear not! Anger can be removed and replaced with more effective forms of communication by merely paying attention to your perceptions.

Remaining empathetic and self-less allows you to see things from the other persons perspective.  On a deeper level, in order to resolve the habit of anger, we must develop self-love.  If we know a behavior harms us yet we choose the impulse of being right or to control, we are doing so at the expense of our health. This mindset is a reflection of a lack of self-love at the expense of our health and well being.

Kevin Michaels is a Certified Anthony Robbins Life Coach located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Want freedom from anger?  Contact Kevin to schedule a free coaching session today!

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