“Kevin’s Live Trading service is the best on the web hands down.  Having spent $25K through a program in the South Bay called Online Trading Academy, and other programs over the last few years, Kevin’s insight and gift for trading will make your bank account grow very fast. It’s the best way to learn, more importantly, he’s a real gentleman who really cares about your success. “

Tim Fynch – San Francisco, CA

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Our Professional Live Trading Live Trading includes Kevin’s Winner’s Edge Concepts and Fundamentals , 11 years worth of direct hands-on knowledge that he relies on daily to build wealth trading the markets. Watch him Trade to see his knowledge in action.

Live Trading with Winner’s Edge Training is for both the novice and professional.

Every weekday Kevin trades side by side remotely through conference call and screen sharing through Team Viewer.

Kevin’s Live Trading with Winner’s Edge is the quickest and most effective way hands down to learn and profit.  Kevin offers professional commentary, detailed and thorough explanations on all trades and walks each client through the execution and profit taking. It does not get any better than that.

A trading account is needed in order to trade with Kevin.  He will provide recommendations and help with set up and configuration of your trading platform.  Client is welcome to initially  use a practice trading account to get familiar with Kevin’s trading method before using real money.

Live trading covers both day trading and swing trading of stocks and options.

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Month to Month Live Trading – $1150

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